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Release Notes Android 2.14




Get the latest update of ZOLL emsCharts for Android from the Play Store.

New in this release

  • Filter Mobile Admin Tool by Service. The Mobile Admin Tool will now filter records so that software administrators will only see charts that belong to the service that they are actively logged into.

Fixed in this release

  • Security permission conflict prevented application from loading. Fixed an issue where users with certain security features were unable to open the application successfully. (IWD-1758)

  • Medication Search. Fixed an issue where medication search on the Patient Information screen wasn’t working (IWD-1111).

  • Medical consult procedure not saving. Resolved an issue where the medical consult procedure didn’t save when the chart was uploaded. (IWD-55)

  • GCS values don’t save as expected. Fixed a bug where GCS values for ‘Eye’ weren’t saved in the Neuro/Airway screen when the user saved the chart to the web. (IWD-948)

Known issues

We’re working on resolving the following known issues:

  • Application hangs when fields contain more than 150 characters. There are a few fields (for example, Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness) that will cause the application to hang or become unresponsive if the user enters more than 150 characters. (TAB-458)

  • Character limits on the odometer field. Currently users can only enter up to 4 digits and 1 decimal place in odometer fields. We’ll update this to allow up to 6 whole digits and 2 decimal places so that users can capture accurate odometer readings. (TAB-337)