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emsCharts v5.1.27.0 (Gold Sprint 27)  

Fixed in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-4133Neonatal Page - Maternal DOB - Not Auto CalculatingFixed maternal age calculation.
EMC-4439Create streamlined header bar for patient record pagesWe’ve adjusted the header bar and sidebar to be more efficient and behave more gracefully on our Patient Records pages, ensuring that it works consistently for any screen resolution. We’ll soon be applying the new look and behavior to our other modules across the board. 

The Header now has two distinct sections, the top most section is the "Logo Section" and the bottom most is the " Toolbar Section". 

The Logo in the "Logo Section" is configured to return the user to the home page. 

The "Collapse Menu" pancake button was moved from the right side to the left side, in the Toolbar, just above the menu for which it collapses. 

The Ellipsis to the right of the pancake button in the tool bar is where all of the User Functions are contained, depending on configuration. i.e. Flag QA, Print Preview, Special Reports and Chart Tool Box. 

The Patient Name and PRID have been placed in the Toolbar on the right of the header, and contain the functionality, if enabled, to add additional patients. 

The Inline Data Validation widget is now in the Tool bar section to the right of the PRID and Patient name, still shows running count. 

The Service name is now located in the logo section above the PRID and Patient Name, and is display only. 

Next to the Service Name in the logo section is "Tiled Icon" which gives the user access to the additional modules, depending on configuration. i.e. Human Resources, Calendar, Reports and Configuration. 

Also next to the Service Name in the logo section is the "User Icon". Clicking this icon will give the user the ability to send an Instant Message, log a Support Ticket or simply Log Out. 
EMC-4988emsCharts Gold: Neonate page not appearing for appropriate agesAllow Advanced Neonate page to appear regardless of age type for all ages less than 29 days old.
EMC-4851New Header Bar PR Module ExtensionA new header bar and sidebar has been added to the Patient Records pages.
EMC-4438Extremities Assessment on Page 5 not using "Assess Date" for TimestampPage 5 assessments will store time and date instead of only date (and 00:00 as time).
EMC-4911Reports: Database error when querying against transport outcomeFixed report problem when searching for outcomes on Trip Times, Response Times, and Repeat Patients report.
EMC-4711P1 - Receiving Hospital Not SavingVerified that hospital saves on IE on the patient page.
EMC-4692P1 - Add Patient on Patients Card - Does not Function In IEVerified that the "add patient" function works on IE.
EMC-4957P1 - Receiving MD NOT SavingCorrected issue where MD Lookups on page 1 were not saving.
EMC-3828Exposure section shows up on print (Entire Chart) when no data is enteredFix to resolve an issue where a user could not add, edit or removed Exposure information on Page 2.
EMC-4712Patient Page - No Validation Indication on Medications and CMS Condition CodeFix to resolve an issue where the CMS Condition Code field was not Highlighted in Red, as a Required field for custom validation.
EMC-3757PR Search Form - Service-->Crew Pick List Not WorkingFix to resolve the ability to add and remove crew members on the Patient Records Search Criteria form.
EMC-4232QA Flag Search: User search inopFix to resolve an issue when trying to do a QA Flag Search the "User" criteria resulted in an error.
EMC-4934Configuration - Export Tab - NEMSIS 3 Export Configuration "Verify Setup" Button BrokeFix to resolve a bug when trying to Verify Setup for NEMSIS v3 clicking the "Verify Setup" button resulted in an error.
EMC-4759emsCharts Gold: Needle Thoracostomy vs. ThoracotomyFix to correct the use of "Thoracostomy" instead of "Thoracotomy" in emsCharts Gold.
EMC-4000Add Neonate Fields In Data ValidationFix to add the fields on the New Advanced Neonatal Page to Custom Validation Options.
EMC-4320Electronic Signature not AcceptedFixed error message when electronic signature is saved. 

EMC-4923Legacy: Needle Thoracostomy vs. ThoracotomyFix to correct the use of: "Thoracostomy" vs "Thoracotomy" in Legacy.
EMC-5029Header/Sidebar Fixes to Page 5Adjusted the Page 5 architecture for the new Header/Sidebar, also fixing some save-related bugs for the Obstetrics/Burns/Tubes tabs under certain conditions.
EMC-5017Header/Sidebar Fixes to Patient PageAdjustments to the Patient Page related to the Header/Sidebar refactor.
EMC-4956Dispatch Import (emsCharts Gold): Add Local IDAdded Local ID to CAD Import search results.
EMC-4446Legacy: Display last login date/timeAdded the date the user last logged in.
EMC-4886New Duty Roster- copy and paste functionalityFixed drag and drop related bugs, several CSS styling issues, and copy-paste functionality. 
EMC-4695PDF - No County ListedAdded county to pdf print preview.
EMC-4486Geocoding doesn't work on GoldFixed geocode auto populate when selecting a hospital as both referring and receiving.
EMC-5059Sanitas Export: hide CC and HPI if by configurationUpdated Sanitas Export to allow for supressing Chief Complaint and HPI from Trip Notes
EMC-5071emsCharts Gold: Display last login date/timeAdded the date the user last logged in.
EMC-4953P9 - Attachments - Error in OpeningFix to resolve an issue with attempting to Open/View an Attachment.
EMC-4918P9 - Fire CFM ErrorFix to resolve an issue on Page 9 when trying to create a Fire Incident.
EMC-4782Unable to advance chartFix to resolve an issue with processing a chart at the time of lock.
EMC-4909Disabling/Removing of Feedback ButtonRemoving Feedback Button, Any issues or concerns can be communicated through a Support Ticket.
EMC-4912Neonate page issueFix to resolve an issue when uploading a neonatal patient from Mobile to Gold.
EMC-3606All Pages - Too much "white space"Reduced white space on emsCharts Gold.
EMC-4211Patient Page - Phone Number FormatAdded validation checks so that only valid phone number format is accepted.
EMC-4319Expand the Height of the Security Roles Code TableFixed CSS issue in the security roles module. 
EMC-4461emsCharts Gold: Inserts into view PR_BLOB from LOB_TEMP backing up systemUpdated queries in new web.
EMC-4111Crew Roster - People Icon1- Fixed current crew not displaying on home page. 
2- Fixed scrollbar not appearing in all browsers when editing crew. 

EMC-4506New Web Print Page - Exposure - QA Only Fixed print issue when only exposure and no other scene information is uploaded from mobile/tablet. 
EMC-3127Legacy: CAD Import: Default UnusedFix to resolve an issue If the time is set to Default Unused (appears but is not filled in on chart creation) and the CAD time is blank and imported, the time should still be blank. There is a known “issue” / design flaw in that if the time is set to Normal, it will have the chart creation time in it, and if the CAD doesn’t replace it times could (and mostly likely would) be out of order.
EMC-3112Support: Manuals/Downloads appear to be brokenFix to resolve an issue with the link to Manuals/Downloads in the Support section.
EMC-4783emsCharts Gold: CAD Default Unused Import Support TicketFix to resolve an issue with imported CAD data mapping to incorrect time fields.
EMC-4640Legacy: Drug/Alc Consolidation & Pert Negative  1) Consolidated the Drug/Alcohol Indicators into one.
  2) Modified pertinent negatives in relation to Drug/Alcohol indicators.
EMC-5005Sanitas setup: Add PU Address and PU Facility to Keywords at bottomPUFacility and PUAddress added to Exclude Keywords in Sanitas Setup code table.
EMC-5041Report Error:  refrec_dist errorFixed error in Closest Trauma Center spatial report.
EMC-4688Emergency Reporting - ImprovementsImprove validations and times for the Emergency Reporting API.
EMC-4495PA Restrict Injury Cause V3 ListFix to restrict the Injury Cause List to the PA-approved NEMSIS list. (PA only).
EMC-4776Exposure Print Page bug with no crew listedFix to resolve issue with P2 Exposure not printing Crew Members.
EMC-4204Service Configuration - Code Table - Equipment - Purchase Date ErrorFixed date format issue on equipment code table.
EMC-4516Destination basisFix to resolve an issue with P1 Destination Basis not saving.
EMC-4681Element TMPREF_COMMON is undefined in FORMFix to resolve an issue involving common addresses/referring location.
EMC-4629emsCharts Gold: Deletion of Labs problemFix to resolve an issue with the deletion of Labs on Page 7.
EMC-4646Race undefined errorResolved an issue where attempting to save patient info without patient race documented had a chance to trigger an error.
EMC-4497Legacy: Page 2 for ALS AssessmentEnhancement to the P2 ALS Assessment field to allow for a comment/rationale free text field to document why the ALS Assessment was needed or performed.
EMC-4672Patient Records (Faxing)Fix to resolve an issue where the number of attachments on a chart could prevent successful faxing.
EMC-4641Special Report - Incorrect Email FormatFix to resolve the following issue: Special reports will not send; stating email format is incorrect when it is set up correctly.
EMC-4651Supply Module - Setup Category, Sub Category and Inventory by Supply Not WorkingFix to resolve an issue of NOT being Able to modify and create Supply Categories, Subcategories and Inventory by Supplies.
EMC-3610P8 - "No Change in Patient Status" ButtonFix to resolve the following issue: P8 "No Change in Patient Status" Button.
EMC-4683P1 -  Common Address bugFix to resolve an issue with the "Show All" link on P1: Dispatch.
EMC-4627P6 - Imaging issuesFix to resolve the following issues: First issue is clicking on an existing row (pencil icon) doesn't do anything (expected to do an edit) and also freezes the "Add New Imaging" button (and other ones).
EMC-3920Phone Messages - No Action When Clicking On Message to ViewFixed Javascript and ColdFusion errors.
EMC-4687Block LastPass on Dispatch ID - Page1(a)Prevented LastPass from trying to put username or password in Dispatch ID field on Page 1.
EMC-4644Imaging Results Date/Time Saving issueFix to resolve an issue with Lab times not updating.
EMC-4944CSS Issue on Patient pageA new header bar and sidebar has been added to the Patient Records pages.
EMC-4594CAD Import EnhancementUpdated CAD functionality to support importing of Transfer Time into the Destination Transfer Time even when there is no outcome listed on the CAD record.
EMC-3646Patient page - Adding items Combined functionality of selecting existing data with adding custom data for both allergies and medical history sections.
EMC-4170Mobile Templates HeaderUpdated version of the Mobile Template Builder.
EMC-2981Non-PCR - Human Resources - Certification FiltersVerified that the filter accurately describes the number of results, and fixed styling issues.
EMC-2827Non-PCR - Human Resources - Certifications - ConfigImproved styling of the cert list column and verified that the fields listed are visible when creating a new certification.
EMC-4559New Duty Roster Isn't Copying Crew to a PCR - Eye IconIssues addressed: 

* New Duty Roster Isn't Copying Crew to a PCR - Users have now the ability to assign crew members to the new duty roster UI and will reflect to PCR. 
* New Duty Roster not reflecting in old duty roster(people Icon)- Changes in crew reflect on both new and old duty roster. 
* verified that drag and drop functionality works on IE, Edge, chrome and firefox.
EMC-3937P4 - Respiratory and Cardiovascular Pick List DO NOT Load BlankFixed to resolve an issue with not having the ability to have blanks for Lung Sounds and Cap Refill.
EMC-3895P4 - Cardio Exam Card - Remove "Not Checked" Values From PulsesFixed to resolve an issue on the cardio exam involving "Not Checked" values in fields.
EMC-4119P1 - Referring/Receiving - NOT Able To Change TypeFix to resolve issue where user could not change Referring / Receiving Location Types.
EMC-3747QA Module - Ability to View Chart When Adding QA FlagAdded draggable modal functionality to QA flag button on header.
EMC-4134Emergency Reporting IntegrationCompleted Emergency Reporting interface in Gold.
EMC-4219Multipick Performance correctionR&D options for improving performance of multi-pick list, which is used multiple times throughout the patient record and other modules.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release: