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emsCharts Mobile v3.7.31

August 8, 2019

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

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serverGolden Hour Data Systems Inc.
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KeyRelease Notes
EMC-7755Added Group Name, an existing web field, to the Billing Section
EMC-7662Added a safety check for the new Recommended Facility update if the query ends up returning duplicates. No user interface change.
EMC-7445Path to prevent blank CAD Date Dispatch from crashing when string is null 
Patch to prevent from erroring when Unit is null in certain situations. 
Patch to allow LPM (Mileage) fields to nullable. 
Updated "Update cad" button text.

Allow the ability for users

to add dynamic chart fields to

show the name of the base or unit on the Mobile Custom Forms. Only available for Mobile at this time (not Tablet). See the Custom Forms codetable for the configuration

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

  • None

Additional Notes about how the Automatic Updating Works

  • Application launches and sends the current version and the service to the server
  • Server finds highest version allowed by that service
  • If there is one, it asks the user if they want to:
    • Yes, Install now
    • Remind Me later (upon relaunch)
    • COMING SOON: Do not remind me later
    • If the user chooses Yes, the application will shutdown and a new process will download a ZIP file from the server and update files in that zip file
    • If the user chooses Remind Me Later, upon relaunch of the application they'll be reminded again 
  • Upon no update or relaunch of the application, the application configuration data update will continue.

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