iOS/Android 2.9 Release Notes (March 9, 2020)

Software Version 2.9.0

March 9th, 2020

New in This Release

KeySummaryRelease Notes
TAB-808Tablet - Change depth confirmation (Intubation) from a label to a pick listRelabeled "CM from Lips" to "Distance" and added drop down containing options "Gums, Lips , Teeth" to page 8 incubation procedure.
TAB-915Tablet - Add Version and Build Number to Error MessagesThe version number has been added to all notification windows within the app. This was done to improve support by making it apparent which version is currently in use.
TAB-911Tablet - Add the build version to the Version numberThe full version {Major}.{Minor}.{Revision}.{BuildNumber} is now displayed on the Login and About Dialogs
TAB-906Tablet - Enable Push notificationsPush notifications have been enabled for the tablet app so that emsCharts / ZOLL can more easily notify users when pertinent information must be shared.
TAB-907Tablet - Empty state for patient recordsAdded text "No Records to Display" on the patient screen so that it is clear when there are no records.
TAB-819Tablet - Add alert to contact CS support when database cannot syncWe have added an alert to the system that will better communicate the fact that the tablet has been unable to sync changes to the server. This alert will inform users that they should contact support, rather than the sync simply failing without notification. This should provide better clarity to ensure that the device has the latest information.

Improved in This Release

KeySummaryRelease Notes
TAB-925Tablet - Obstetrics Dropdown Not WorkingThe Obstetrics Card now expands when a female patent has been added to a Chart.
TAB-914Tablet - PR_Narrative errors out during upload.Fixed an upload issue that occurs when the new narrative field is turned on and the narrative is empty.
TAB-924Tablet - Hospital Search Does Not Show the List of Common HospitalsFixed an issue where the list of configured common hospitals would not show properly.
TAB-947Tablet - Admin Tab - Footer Hides ChartsFixed an issue on the Admin page where the footer would partially or completely cover the bottom-most row.
TAB-952Tablet - Logged in footer blocks CAD import viewFixed an issue where the page footer would partially or completely cover the bottom-most CAD record on the CAD page.
TAB-905Tablet - Unit Setting is lost when user logs out and back inA Users unit settings are reloaded when a user logs out and back in. Previously, selecting an item such as the unit on the first screen would clear after a logout / log in.
TAB-886Tablet - Android - Full Upload Results in Infinite Loop[Android Only] Fixed an Android specific issue related to an infinite upload process that forced users to close the app.
TAB-899Tablet - Upload Short-Circuits When One or More Charts Have ErrorsFixed an issue when uploading multiple charts. If any single chart encountered an error, it would cause the whole upload process to fail but would assume that some charts were successful. This resulted in the perception that charts were missing because they were not visible on the device nor the web. Now, when any single chart fails the upload, the other charts will be uploaded properly.
TAB-815Tablet - Response Mode and Transport Mode Descriptor Do Not Transfer To WebThe Response Mode and Transport Mode Descriptors are now correctly uploaded to the web.
TAB-710Tablet - CAD Import TimesFixed an issue where CAD imported times would show with the wrong time zone when the dispatch center was in a different time zone than the dispatched unit.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:




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