emsCharts Fire Reports Release Notes - July 24, 2017

Software Release Sprint(s) 20170630, 20170724 

New Features

  • Added the ability to copy units and personnel from past incidents. 

Enhancements / Improvements

  • Improved the functionality of the NFIRS to PCR data copy.
  • Fire QA levels were placed in alphabetical/numeric order
  • The toggle button to link NFIRS to LOSAP events was renamed and the UI was updated to make the connection clearer for the user.
  • Removed the ability to save more than one custom incident number pattern to avoid confusion and clutter.
  • The Sign Offs tab was greatly improved to reduce whitespace and make the user experience more efficient
  • The NFIRS landing page was streamlined to reduce the search redundancy. Now there is only one search section at that top that searches all QA levels for the appropriate incident.
  • A yellow color was added to fields that the user is currently typing in. This will help the user better keep track of the cursor. Also, tabs were given a yellow color to denote when the user is on a specific tab.
  • Changing the incident date on the Basic Tab will also update the other dates on the basic tab as well as the Apparatus and personnel tab.
  • We renamed the “Show Lower Charts” configuration option in the Fire QA Level Configuration to read “Show Lower Incidents”.
  • The “Lock Incident” button will now show “Send to Review” if the user does not have the proper QA Level or Security Role to Lock an incident. In the past, the button would be hidden.
  • Labels for the totals in the “At a Glance” gadget on the main page were renamed for clarity.
  • Mousing over the calendar items in the NFIRS calendar will be less cluttered and only show the street number and address.
  • Users can now enter the name of the location on the basic tab.

Fixed in this Release

  • Fixed an issue where disabling certain fields in the “Field Configuration” would sometimes disable more than one field.
  • Fixed an issue where some user required fields would not show as required when editing an NFIRS incident
  • Fixed an issue where the label for the CAD Number on the basic tab would disappear.
  • Fixed an issue that was encountered when trying to import EMS response codes into fire. Not all codes would be imported.
  • Improved the page load time and response time of NFIRS pages.

General Information