Web 09.07

Web Version 09.07

July 7, 2020

Our versioning is changing to match up with ZOLL Data releases. We’re also consolidating release notes for all web versions, so you won’t see “Gold” or “Legacy” going forward.

New in this release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

  • Link to CaseReview Premium from emsCharts. Combining CaseReview with emsCharts allows you to see all of the important information about your trip side-by-side. Review the PCR while you dive into the case details to make sure that your team captured all of the right information and to assess how your team responded to the trip.

    Check out our video and documentation for the CaseReview link to learn more.


  • Link to Fire Reports. Access Fire Reports from anywhere in the product by clicking on the Fire Reports link from the left panel. (EPCR-13)

  • Impella/VAD. Your agency can document when you use Ventricular Assist Devices on your trips. Previously this functionality was only available in Gold, but now you can access from Legacy as well. When you create a Critical Care chart, and then you go to the Activity Log on Page 8, you’ll be able to add actions for a Ventricular Assist Device where you can document all of the details about the intervention. (EPCR-380)

  • Inline EKG Strips. You can now see a thumbnail of the EKG strips when importing case files to make it easier to select the appropriate strips to import. Previously these were only displayed in Gold. (EPCR-383)

  • Standard web signatures. You can now capture standard signatures from the web. When you’re in a PCR and you click on Page 9 (Misc Forms), you can click on the “Add” button next to Standard Signatures. Your agency’s standard disclaimer will be displayed. Select the appropriate signer and allow the patient to sign the screen or touchpad on the device. (EPCR-520)

  • New CAD values for the “My EMS/Public Safety” report. We added some new values to the “My EMS/Public Safety” report. If you have the CAD module, then you will now see an “Include CAD Mappings” checkbox when you go to Configuration > My EMS. When you check this and then generate a report, you’ll see a new column called “cad_value” that contains the name of the CAD Mapped value of the facility. (EPCR-191)

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • Picklist values are duplicating when records are imported using the NEMSIS import service. We fixed an issue where picklist values were duplicating when patient records were imported through the NEMSIS import service if the agency configured the values to be hidden. (PCR-1220)

Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.

  • Duplicate patients on import. When patient records are imported via NEMSIS, the patients are duplicated. There is a tool that can be used to manage and merge patients, but this creates a lot of extra work for users. We’re working on a fix to recognize and merge patients. (PCR-1225)