Web 09.08

Web Version 09.08

August 3, 2020

Our versioning is changing to match up with ZOLL Data releases.  We’re also consolidating release notes for all web versions, so you will not see “Gold” or “Legacy” going forward.

New in this release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

  • Field Defaults. The functionality previously found only in emsCharts Gold has been moved to ZOLL emsCharts. Users can now configure field defaults utilizing similar logic to the data validation rules engine. For example, if the Medical Category is Cardiac Arrest, then set a value for another field. With this feature, users can create “templates” for various call types. (WEB-381)

  • Only display PDF for imported charts. When importing charts from another system, we will show the PDF of the chart that was imported instead of showing all of the fields and data. We’ve also removed the ability to edit the data that was imported and provide limited tools that can be used with imported records. You can print, fax, and download imported charts, and discreet data from NEMSIS will populate your database so your reports and dashboards will show your full history. This protects the legal document that was created in another system while allowing services to search for historical records and view their entire collection of charts in emsCharts.

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • Duplicate patients on import. We fixed an issue where patients were being duplicated when records were imported through the NEMSIS import process (PCR-1225).

  • Web EKG Account Verification Link. Fixed an issue with the Web EKG account verification process in the Web EKG Server Setup code table. (WEB-1166)

  • Page 9 Issues in Internet Explorer. Fixed various issues with page 9 that presented themselves only when using Internet Explorer. (WEB-926)

  • Error When Viewing Custom Form. Fixed an issue when attempting to view a custom form. (WEB-925)

Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.

  • Print Special Report Does Not Work in Chrome/Edge. We are in the process of fixing an issue related to printing special reports in Chrome and Edge. (WEB-1299)