Fire Reports 09.08


Fire Reports Version 09.08

August, 2020


New in this Release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

Renamed the LOSAP Module. The LOSAP module has been renamed to the LOSAP/Training module. This action was taken for two reasons. One, LOSAP is a term used only in certain regions and is not widely recognized. Two, adding in “training” better represents how current customers are using the module and reflects the desired direction of the module. (FIRE-323)

Centered the Hydrant Map on the Primary Fire Department Address. When starting the hydrant module, the map will start centered over the address you have registered with the U.S. Fire Administration. We can change this address, but is typically the headquarters. (FIRE-118)

Multiple QA Flags. Previously it was only possible to add one QA flag per incident. This restriction has been lifted and users will no longer be kicked back to the landing page after adding a QA flag. (FIRE-75)

Added Investigation Search. The Investigations module now has basic search functionality. (FIRE-22)

Improved Occupancy Search. The Occupancy search has been improved and more searchable fields have been added. (FIRE-21)


Fixed in this Release

We fixed the following issues with this release of Fire Reports.

Occupancy Read-Only Access Overwrites Values. When accessing the Occupancy module with read-only access, it was possible to unintentionally erase data. (FIRE-116)

LOSAP Edit Mode Prevented Date Edits. Users with LOSAP edit privileges can now edit the dates and times of existing records. (FIRE-334)

Supplemental Narratives. Additional narratives were unintentionally capped at 250 characters. This restriction was lifted. Supplemental narratives may now contain up to 4000 characters. (FIRE-232)

Unsolvable Validation Errors. With certain user workflows, it was possible to enter into a situation where validation rules on the apparatus times could not be cleared. (FIRE-258)