Web 09.09

Web Version 09.09

August 31, 2020

Our versioning changed to match up with ZOLL Data releases.  We’re also consolidating release notes for all web versions, so you will not see “Gold” or “Legacy” going forward.

New in this release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

Removed the Requirement to Have Mobile and/or Tablet for Web Signatures. Web signatures used to be tied to the requirement of having emsCharts Mobile (now ZOLL emsCharts for Windows) or emsCharts Tablet (now ZOLL emsCharts for iOS / Android). Three code tables that previously referred to Mobile/Tablet have also been renamed. Those code tables were formerly called:

  • Mobile/Tablet Custom Forms

  • Mobile/Tablet PDF Custom Forms

  • Mobile/Tablet Standard Signatures

The Mobile/Tablet part of the name has been dropped.

Create NFIRS Report from PCR. For those customers who also use ZOLL Fire Reports, you can now create NFIRS reports from Page 9 of the PCR. For very simple NFIRS reports requiring no additional info, the NFIRS incident can be completed (locked) from the PCR without the need to visit Fire Reports. Otherwise all relevant information from the PCR will be used to populate the NFIRS report including crew, unit, location, and times, removing the need to enter this information again.

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

Gold Duty Roster Does Not Update Until Screen Refresh. The new version of the Duty Roster currently exists in emsCharts Gold, but will eventually be migrated to ZOLL emsCharts. For this reason we have fixed an issue related to saving the roster settings. Previously the settings would not display properly on the home page until the screen was refreshed.

CAD Import Sometimes Maps Hospitals to the Wrong Location. Fixed a rare issue with certain hospitals when performing a CAD import. When a hospital is a receiving location, the wrong address was selected.

Security Roles “View Certification Classes” and “View Certifications” was not respected. Fixed an issue with these two security privileges where users could still see the classes and certifications even without the privileges.

Filter by Service in Mobile Remote Admin tool. When you’re looking at the charts for your users in the Mobile Remote Admin tool, they’ll now be filtered based on the service that you’ve got selected.

Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.

  • Print Special Report Does Not Work in Chrome/Edge. We are in the process of fixing an issue related to printing special reports in Chrome and Edge. (WEB-1299)