Fire Reports 09.09


Fire Reports Version 09.09

August, 2020


New in this Release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

New Footer. We have added a new footer to Fire Reports that describes the version. This is useful for communication of support issues.

Renamed the LOSAP Module. We renamed the LOSAP module to LOSAP / Training to better describe the future goals and usage of the module. LOSAP is also a regional acronym, so we needed a way to communicate what the module can help with.

Added Investigation Id to the Landing Page. To make it easier to locate investigations, the Id of the investigation was added to the grid on the home page of the Investigations module.

Duplicate Investigation Id Warning. We added a warning message when attempting to create an investigation with the same id as an existing investigation.

Centered the Hydrant Map on the Fire Department HQ. The hydrant module map will now center on the fire department headquarters when the page loads.

Fixed in this Release

We fixed the following issues with this release of Fire Reports.

NFIRS Arson Module. We fixed an issue with the Extent of Involvement and Entry Method fields on the NFIRS Arson module. Previously, the list of choices would appear blank.

Supplemental Narratives Character Count. In the last release we added the ability to add multiple or “supplemental” narratives. The supplemental narratives were restricted to 250 characters. We have expanded the character count to 10,000 characters per narrative.