Web 09.10

Web Version 09.10

Sep 28, 2020

Our versioning changed to match up with ZOLL Data releases.  We’re also consolidating release notes for all web versions, so you will not see “Gold” or “Legacy” going forward.

New in this release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

  • Filter Mobile Remote Admin Tool by Service. The Mobile Remote Admin Tool will now filter records so that software administrators will only see charts that belong to the service that they are actively logged into.

  • Inventory Module - Completed Tasks. The inventory module now contains an additional view to allow users to see what tasks have been completed, including the start and end times, as well as a summary of the total passed versus failed checks.

  • Inventory Module - Inline Edit of Quantity. When performing a task, it is now possible to edit item quantities within the task when performing the task.

  • Additional Validation Checks for Fire Incidents. When creating a fire incident from the PCR (Page 9) additional validation checks were added to increase the scope of possible incident types where a service could have a complete fire incident from the PCR instead of the need to visit the Fire Reports application.

  • VAN Stroke Scale. The VAN stroke scale has been added to the list of Stroke Scales.

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • Duplicate Data Validation Defaults. In some configurations, setting data validation chart defaults would create duplicate records within the configuration table (not within the PCR).

  • HL7 Search Database Error. Fixed an issue when performing an HL7 Patient search that resulted in a database error. This would only occur when using very broad criteria in the search (a large number of results from the search).

  • Apparatus Configuration Does Not Match Roster. Fixed an issue where the configured order of apparatus seats in the Apparatus Configuration table did not match the order when viewed from the Duty Roster.

  • Fax error. Fixed an issue where faxes would generate an “Object at PDF cross-reference stream location” error occasionally.

Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.

  • Print Special Report Does Not Work in Chrome/Edge. We are in the process of fixing an issue related to printing special reports in Chrome and Edge. (WEB-1299)