Fire Reports 09.10


Fire Reports Version 09.10

September, 2020


New in this Release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

Weather Data Entry for All Incidents. Many of our customers requested the ability to document weather data on every incident. NFIRS rules state that this is only captured on the Wildland Fire tab and we previously added it to the Hazmat tab. As a result, we moved the weather data fields out of both tabs and into the Miscellaneous tab so that it could be recorded on all incidents.

Delete Inspections. Users (with the proper security privilege) can now delete inspections in the Inspection module.


Fixed in this Release

We fixed the following issues with this release of Fire Reports.

Anyone Can Sign a Fire Report. Fixed an issue on the Sign Offs tab that allowed users to type in their own password to sign the incident for a different user.

Sorting Incident by Run Number / Incident Number. Previously, attempting to sort the tables on the NFIRS landing page by Run Number or Incident Number would only sort the fields in view. That functionality has been changed to sort all results so that using the pagination controls works as expected.

Certain Addresses Do Not Save on the Basic Tab. Fixed an issue where typing addresses with periods “ . “ or slashes “ / “ , “ \ “ would not save properly when navigating away from the Basic tab.