Web 09.11.1 (Minor Release)

Web Version 09.11.1 (Minor Release)

Nov 23, 2020

This minor release contains updates for the new user experience on the web and will not impact users in Legacy or Gold.

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • Unable to lock charts in Internet Explorer (IE). Fixed an issue where users did not see the “Lock Chart” dialog in IE but were able to successfully lock the chart in Chrome.

  • Automatically adjust the height of text areas based on the data entered in the field. The height of the field will now adjust when the user enters more text than will fit in the standard sized field. This fix also resolves issues where the height of the field was growing with every character entered. This adjustment applies to a number of fields across the application that accept robust text.

  • Crew level will be auto-populated based on the user’s licensure.

  • Fixed a number of alignment, modal sizing and display, missing scrollbars, and aesthetic issues across the application.

  • Procedure heading was showing on page 8 even when there were no procedures associated with a vital entry.

  • Users couldn’t edit comments for existing vitals.

  • Users were unable to click on the “Save” or “Cancel” buttons in a number of modals including the Referring Hospital lookup, Assessment Log, Physical Exam Summary, and others. In some instances users were unable to close the modal window.

  • The “Open Support” dialog didn’t allow users to scroll through the content.

  • Updated calendar controls on the Patient Page and User Licensure to address a number of usability issues.

  • Spell check wasn’t loading in Internet Explorer.

  • When there are a lot of records on the page 8 activity log and vitals section, the screen was not refreshing as expected.

  • Pertinent negative values were displayed when a value was entered in the “Drug/Alcohol Indicators” field, but there should only be one value saved for the field.

  • On the Dispatch Page, when a user clicked on “Lookup” for the Referring Hospital or EMS, the default dropdown was converted to a text box.

  • When users entered a Referring or Receiving location using a Google Intersection, the address wasn’t filling in fields correctly.

  • On the Home screen, when user went to the “Next Shift” dialog for the duty roster, the contents were missing.

  • Added a heading to clearly indicate “System Messages” on the Home screen.

  • Users saw the “Password Expiration” notification every time the page was refreshing instead of only once after login.

  • Fixed some display issues related to standard signatures.

  • Display the thrombolytics field and stroke scales when the service is configured to show the field. This was an issue in the Legacy user experience as well and has also been resolved for Legacy.

  • Replaced the word “Sex” with “Gender” throughout the application.


Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.

  • Google Addresses with Named Locations. We are aware of an issue where the address of a given building will not auto-populate when using the Google address lookup. This only occurs when adding locations with a named address such as “Public Works Building” or “The Metropolitan Museum of Art“.

  • Miscellaneous Forms and Standard Signature Forms that have been added to the chart are not scrolling in the modal so users can’t see the whole form.

  • Some lists that return a lot of values like the “Additional Injury Type” list on page 2 are not displaying the full list and users can’t scroll through the results.

  • Users would like to see the entire list of medical history, current medications, and allergies added without having to click into the modal to display the list.

  • The GCS fields on page 3 should be have the same way the GCS fields work on page 8.