Web 09.12 (New UI)

Web Version 09.12 (New UI)

Dec 11, 2020

This minor release contains updates for the new user experience on the web and will not impact users in Legacy or Gold.

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • Fixed an error when trying to access the Patient Management module.

  • For the Add Procedures functionality on page 8, the spell checker was moved to the right side of the comment box.

  • Page 2 - Stretcher Purpose was converted to a Text Area from a Text Input.

  • Comment box in Obstetrics exam now grows in height if text exceeds current size.

  • PDF Signature forms when viewed from page 9 now scroll if the image is too large for the modal.

  • Page 2, Additional Injury Details, NEMSIS Injury Cause: a scrollbar was added and the font size was corrected.

  • Charting by Exception (CBE) now properly aligns at the top of pages 3, 4, 5.

  • Selecting injuries on Bilateral Eye will now display highlighted box around eyes on page 5.

  • The Security Privilege ‘Edit Duty Roster’ was moved from Fire Reports to the Configuration section of Security Privileges to allow editing of Duty Roster by agencies not subscribing to Fire Reports.

  • Fixed an issue related to the data saving logic for Pharmacologic Restraints or Cervical Spine Clearance when filling out the Immobilization Information Log for an Immobilization Action on Page 8.

New in this Release

We have improved or added the following functionality in this release.

  • We changed the number of rows shown in the Incomplete NFORS Exposure Reports widget on the home page.

  • The Supplies Used form is restyled for the new UI.

  • On the EKG Import screen, from Page 8, columns are now sortable by clicking on the column header.

  • Added 40px to the Rhythm field on page 8. In addition, hovering over multipick control will display entire contents in case the value is longer than the field allows.

  • Custom Forms (Page 9) has been restyled for the new UI.

Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.