Web 09.12.1 (New UI)

Web Version 09.12.1 (New UI)

Dec 17, 2020

This minor release contains updates for the new user experience on the web and will not impact users in Legacy or Gold.

Fixed in this release

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • The list of stations on the duty roster (accessible from the home page) have been alphabetized.

  • Fixed a number of visual inconsistencies on the Patient page, especially related to Medical History, Meds, and Allergies.

  • In Labs, BE now allows a negative number to be entered.

  • The spacing between text areas and spell checker buttons has been corrected.

  • On page 1, the copy down button will no longer appear for times that are configured as hidden.

  • Fixed an issue in the new UI related to the patient lookup where only three patients were showing in the search results. Another issue was fixed related to the display of shared patients in situations where services have shared their patient lists with each other.

New in this Release

We have improved or added the following functionality in this release.

  • In ZOLL emsCharts (the New UI), on Page 1 -> Referring -> Other Type, selections are ordered by group name and a search box was added.

  • Styles on Attached Files (Page 9) have been updated.

  • On page 8, the temperature label was realigned with other elements on the page.

  • On the Labs modal in Page 8, visual enhancements were made to improve readability.

  • The new styling has been applied to Crew Signatures on page 9.

  • When selecting EKG imports to import from page 8, by default only EKG cases that have not been previously imported into a PCR will be displayed. A checkbox has been added to allow the user to remove the filter.

  • APGAR score on page 8 has been converted to a horizontal layout.

Known issues

We’re working on the following known issues.