Fire Reports 10.1


Fire Reports Version 10.1

January, 2020


New in this Release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.


  • Two new columns were added to the grids on the NFIRS landing page…. Station and Incident Type.

Fixed in this Release

We fixed the following issues with this release of Fire Reports.

  • Fixed a typo on the popup that shows on the Basic tab after the user enters an address that matches an existing occupancy.

  • Fixed a typo on the Member Making Report / Officer in Charge search suggestions popup.

  • The special study information on the print form was moved from the Miscellaneous section into its own section. Also, an issue with the values not displaying on the print page was fixed.

  • Fixed an issue on the Occupancy Map tab where the user would be blocked from navigating off of the tab.

  • Revised the text when modifying a hydrant on the Hydrants module. Previously the text showed “ADD HYDRANT”. The text was changed to “EDIT HYDRANT”.

  • Fixed an issue on the Sign Offs tab where the “Exposure” dropdown menu would open up after entering your username. It was discovered this only happens when passwords are saved in the Chrome browser. The issue was alleviated by making the dropdown read-only on the Sign Offs tab.

  • Removed the actions taken code UU. This is an older code intended for conversions from older NFIRS versions and is no longer valid for reporting.

  • Fixed an issue related to a validation rule (NFIRS rule) for Mobile Property on the Fire tab that would not clear an error when the proper conditions were satisfied.