Fire Reports 10.2


Fire Reports Version 10.2

February, 2020


New in this Release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

  • Added the ability to set auto advance rules for one or more fire station. Using this new functionality, departments with more than one fire station can appropriately route fire incidents to reviewers based on the primary station responding to the incident.

Fixed in this Release

We fixed the following issues with this release of Fire Reports.

  • Fixed a rare situation where users would be unable to view certain completed incidents.

  • Made a number of improvements to the NFIRS Import process to allow migrating or transferring NFIRS incidents from other software.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Injury and Body Site information (NFIRS Codes) were being passed to Fire Reports when a fire incident was created from a PCR.

  • Fixed an issue with the validation rules that occurred when attempting to change the incident type on any exposures.

  • Fixed an issue where the wildland tab would appear if incident 622 was selected. Per NFIRS rules, this tab should not be available for this incident type.

  • Fixed an issue related to certain addresses that would not properly map to address fields after using the Google lookup. This would occur when a street name includes a full cardinal direction in the name such as “South Street”.