iOS Android 2.14.1 Release Notes (January 28, 2021)


Release Notes iOS/Android 2.14.1

Jan 28, 2021

Get the latest update of ZOLL emsCharts for iOS from the Apple Store.

Get the latest update of ZOLL emsCharts for Android from the Play Store.

Fixed in this release

  • Account not fully provisioned pop-up. The pop-up that displays as users log into the applications will now properly reference that the application is updating configuration data from the server instead of indicating that the account is not fully provisioned.

Known issues

We’re working on resolving the following known issues:

  • Online/Offline synchronization and data transfer issues. We’re addressing issues that occur when a device moves from online to offline mode and then back to online mode. Some users report that data doesn’t synchronize as expected, which results in the appearance that charts are being lost. These charts are typically recoverable, but we are working on a fix to prevent this from happening in our next release, which will be coming soon.