iOS 2.15 Release Notes (02/04/2021)

Release Notes iOS 2.15

Feb 4, 2021

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Fixed in this release

  • Offline mode. We changed the way that we handle records that are created and edited while your device is offline to eliminate the errors that result in PCRs that don’t get uploaded to the web. We also fixed issues with data not syncing when the device reconnects+

    • You can now see charts that were created while the device was online even if the device goes offline.

    • You will not have the option to select “Offline Mode” when you log into the application.

    • Some functionality will not be available while your device is offline including:

      • Patient Search

      • Partial Upload

      • Upload and Delete from Device

  • Chart fails to upload when patient relatives are attached to a chart. When you add a patient relative to the chart (even if you later remove the relative), the chart fails on upload.

Known issues

We’re working on resolving the following known issues:

  • “Other” referring address fields don’t save on initial entry. When you document the referring address for an “Other” location, the County, State, and ZIP fields don’t save on the initial entry and the user has to add them a second time to get them to save.

  • Application hangs when adding Other EMS or Public Safety agencies. When you go to CC/HPI, Scene, and you add a new agency/unit on scene, and then you click on any of the page numbers, the application will hang.