Web 10.3

Web Version 10.3

Mar 2, 2021

This release was moved from March 1st to March 2nd. The following updates will be available after 8 am E.T. on March 2nd.

This release of ZOLL emsCharts for the web contains issues that were updated for the New UI and for Legacy . To learn more about the new user interface, please watch this short video. You can try it yourself by logging into ZOLL.emscharts.com.

Hotfix: March 9, 2021

The following fixes were applied after the initial release. The update was applied on March 9, 2021.

  • FiO2, Air Temp, Humidity: Fixed a bug that prevented data in supplemental procedure fields from appearing in the activity log and from being printed on the final report. new ui legacy

  • Empty procedures display “0”. Fixed an issue where some empty procedure fields (humidity and air temperature in the ventilator procedure) displayed zero instead of remaining empty when no data was entered in the fields. new ui legacy

  • QA Flag Crew Feedback. Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to use the “Crew feedback” IM feature for the custom/command facility qa flags. new ui legacy

New Features and Enhancements

We added the following improvements in this release.

  • Neonatal data. You can now document additional neonatal data elements in the new user interface. New UI

    Configuration: To enable the neonatal page in the new UI, you must be logged into the service’s Command Facility as a Software Administrator.

    • Log into ZOLL.emscharts.com. From the homepage choose the Command Facility that you wish to access by selecting it from the list of options in the ‘Change Login’ section in the center of the page. Once you are logged into the Command Facility:

      • Click on Configuration in the left-side menu, then select the Chart tab

      • Set the 'Neonatal' option to Advanced: Use Neonatal Page (note: this will only work in the new user interface)

      • Set the ‘Neonatal Page Age Threshold’ to the maximum age that your agency considers a patient to be a neonatal patient.

      • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’.

    • While Still logged into the Command Facility, Click on the Code Tables tab and review the Neonatal specific code tables to ensure that the setting and options listed are appropriate for your service.

    • Once you are done making changes in the Command Facility, click the Home button in the upper left side of your screen, and choose the service that you wish to access by selecting it from the list of options in the ‘Change Login’ section.

  • Customizable QA Flags. Added a new feature to allow the customization of QA Flag types. At the command level, administrators may now add any desired categories for QA flags. New UI legacy

  • Reference ‘Dispatched As’ in QA filters. The Dispatched As field can now be selected as a field within QA Filters when configuring QA levels. New UI legacy

  • Medical rate. Added a new “Rate” field to the P8 Medication action.New UI

  • Validation rule error when referencing standard signatures. Fixed an issue when attempting to record a standard signature when standard signatures are set as data validation rules. Previously, users would encounter an error when attempting to lock the chart. New UI legacy

  • FiO2 Improvements. Added ‘Humidity’ and ‘Air Temperature’ to the FiO2 documentation on pages 4 and 8. New UI legacy

  • Printed normal ranges for BGL. Now you can add normal ranges for blood glucose that will display on your printed chart . Go to Configuration > Command > Code Tables > Labs/Vitals Normal Ranges and specify the name, min and max values, and unit of measure. The normal range will be displayed on the vitals in the printed chart and in the Entire Chart view. New UI legacy

  • Fire Reports: On Scene Time Required. When creating a fire incident from the Patient Care Record, the On scene time is now required in order to fully comply with NFIRS standards.

  • Inventory Module: Item location. Added clarification to the Regular Location and Current Location for items. Now, the location will also show the base/station and unit (if configured). This adds clarity when locations are simply named as compartments (ex. Compartment 1) without unit information.

  • COVID-19 Verbal Consent Checkbox in Signatures. The standard signature form has been updated to the latest version to include the COVID-19 Verbal consent checkbox. Corrected style and selection of the “Ambulance Crew Signature COVID-19 PATIENT ONLY” box. This was already working in new ui; fixed in legacy.

Fixed Issues

We fixed the following issues with this release of web.

  • Web EKG Verify Account button. Fixed an issue with the “Verify Account” button within the Web EKG Setup screen. Previously, the button was inoperable. New UI

  • Scroll in CAD Import Data. Fixed an issue where it was impossible to scroll down on the CAD Import Data Options configuration screen. The issue was due to a missing scroll bar. The Scroll Bar has since been adding and it is now possible to access additional configuration items. New UI

  • QA flag missing. Fixed an issue where the QA Flag indicator wasn’t displayed for charts that had a QA Flag. New UI

  • Past Medical History Search. Fixed an issue with the past medical history search. When performing a partial search using the NEMSIS Standard config setting, the partial search was not returning all possible results. New UI

  • Requester should allow free text. Fixed an issue on Page 1 where the Requester field was not allowing a free text entry and was instead forcing an MD lookup. New UI

  • Calendar icon. Fixed an issue where the calendar icon within date fields would appear as the older version of the icon. The icons were updated to the newer version. New UI

  • Save user email. Fixed an issue when adding new users to the user roster in the new UI. Previously, new users would not receive their validation email when logging in for the first time, making it impossible to activate their account. The issue resulted from the email not saving correctly. New UI

  • Export configuration screen. Standardized the text color for improved readability in the Configurations → Export Tab. New UI

  • Follow-up page. Updated patient followup to display full gender and age unit. New ui

  • Visual adjustments to several pages and elements. Corrected alignment and aesthetic issues on several pages including Support, Activity Audit, Supplies, Times, Custom Reports, Special Reports, and Utilization pages. new ui

  • Calendar picklist not loading. Fixed an issue where the calendar pick list wasn’t loading in reports. new ui

  • Removed SyncPen. In the Chart Info page, removed the “SyncPen” option since it is no longer used. new UI

  • Ref/Rec code tables. Fixed the modal for the default referring/receiving code tables. new ui

  • Crew Level. Fixed an issue where crew members didn’t see ccew level populated on Page 1. new ui

  • Pertinent Negatives not displayed. Fixed a problem where pertinent negatives for the GCS fields were not displaying. new ui