Web 10.4

Web Version 10.4

Mar 29, 2021

This release of ZOLL emsCharts for the web contains issues that were updated for the New UI and for Legacy . To learn more about the new user interface, please watch this short video. You can try it yourself by logging into ZOLL.emscharts.com.

New in this release

The following features and enhancements are now available.

  • Quick Action buttons. Use customizable Quick Action buttons to quickly capture procedures and comments in the PCR. Click on ‘Quick Actions' in the PCR header from any screen, select the appropriate page, and click on the appropriate button to start the procedure or to add a pre-defined comment. Each of the selected actions will be logged on Page 8 in the Activity Log.  New UI 

  • Configure Quick Action buttons: Go to Configuration > Service > Code Tables, and search for the “Quick Action Buttons” code table. Create pages for the Quick Action buttons, and then you can define the buttons that are displayed on each page.

  • Custom assessment setup. Updated the custom assessment setup to make it easier to add and edit questions. Drag and drop functionality will now work for arranging questions, and we updated the user experience for adding and saving entries.  New UI 

  • Clarified NEMSIS Configuration. Updated NEMSIS setup screens in ‘Configuration > Exports' to clarify the state and billing sections for administrators.  New UI Legacy

  • Open charts in new tab. Users have the option to open charts in a new tab instead of opening them in the current tab. Go to Configuration > User / My Account > User Preferences > Patient Records, and check the “Open Charts in a New Window” option.  New UI legacy

Fixed issues

We fixed the following issues with this release:

  • QA Flag Crew Feedback. Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to use the “Crew feedback” IM feature for the custom/command facility qa flags. In order to correct this, a new option was added to the ‘QA Flags’ code table, called “Crew Feedback”. If enabled, it allows for the crew feedback IM feature for that selected qa flag. This option is configurable for all QA flag types.  New UI Legacy 

  • Custom assessment not included on Entire Chart. Fixed an issue where answers to custom assessments were not displayed on the Entire Chart or printed chart.  New UI

  • CAD Mapper. Fixed an issue with the CAD mapping tool (Configuration > CAD Mapping) that prevented the table from showing as expected in the new user interface.  New UI 

  • Display all procedures in comments. Fixed an issue where some procedures like immobilizations were not displayed in the comments on page 8.  New UI 

  • Page 1 tabbing issues. Re-ordered tabbing on page 1 to follow the right order sequentially.  New UI

  • Recurring event. Fixed an issue where events that were set repeat every 2 days were not displaying as expected.  New UI Legacy 

  • Supplies Used. Corrected visual bugs in the Supplies Used page.  New UI 

  • Imported PDFs viewable for more than 30 days. PDFs of PCRs that have been imported into emsCharts will now be visible any time after import. Previously they expired after 30 days and were no longer viewable.  New UI Legacy 

  • Patient Records status details. Updated the user interface for the Status Details Section on the Patient Records page to clarify any outstanding tasks or activities for the PCR on each of the tables displayed.  New UI

  • Restricted files allowed for upload in images. Updated the files types that can be uploaded from Page 6 in the Imaging Results section to only accept images and updated messaging to clarify the allowed file types.  New UI Legacy​​​​​​​

  • Signature not displayed in IE. Corrected an issue where the signature wasn’t displaying on the printed PDF when viewed in Internet Explorer (IE).  New UI

System Configuration Changes

The following system configuration changes were implemented.  All of these changes apply to the NEW UI, Legacy, and Gold platforms.

  • Configurable List Addition: ‘Hospital Facilities’ now contains “Behavioral-Mental Health Unit” as an option in the drop down selection.

  • Medication added. Add new medication (Isopropyl Alcohol) to medications list. The new medication can be enabled for use within a service by selecting the medication from the Command Facility's 'Medications In Use' Code Table.

  • High sensitivity Troponin. Users can now document High Sensitivity Troponin in labs. On Page 6, click on Add Labs, and then expand the Cardiac section to use the new hs-Troponin field. This value will be displayed on the printed report and will be available for data validation rules and in reports.

Fire Reports Updates

We made the following fixes and enhancements for the Fire Reports module.

  • Create incident from dispatch. Users can now configure the system to automatically create Fire incidents from CAD records. To turn this on, a Software Administrator can log into emsCharts on the web and go to Configuration > Service > Fire, and then check ‘Auto create incidents from CAD’ in the General Configuration section.

  • MD Incident Code Table. Updated the “MD Incident” code table (Configuration > Fire > MD Incident) for the Fire Reports product to make it easier to use and more clear for users. 

  • Inspection checklist modal. Added pagination to the Configuration > Fire > Inspection Checklist so that it loads faster and is easier to use.

  • Inspection Code Detail table. Fixed an issue where the Inspection Code Detail table wasn’t displayed correctly in Configuration > Service > Fire > Inspection Code Detail.

  • Removing NFORS. Fixed an issue where it would sometimes take multiple attempts to remove the NFORS Report Requirement from crew members.

  • Cancelled incidents. When a PCR is cancelled, the incident type should be set to a cancelled type in Fire Reports and should not be rejected due to an invalid action taken.