Web 10.5

Web Version 10.5

May 10, 2021

This release of ZOLL emsCharts for the web contains issues that were updated for the New UI and for Legacy . To learn more about the new user interface, please watch this short video. You can try it yourself by logging into ZOLL.emscharts.com.

New in this Release

The following features and enhancements are now available.

  • Automatically transfer patient follow-up information to the state. The system will now automatically generate a NEMSIS export upon chart advancement for charts that have received a follow-up from a hospital. new ui legacy

  • Pertinent Negatives in Data Validations: Pertinent negatives now satisfy data validation rules when used to indicate that a vital assessment or other data field could not be completed due to patient refusal or for other reasons. . new ui legacy

  • Reports: The Trip Times screen/report now provides a “Save output as” option that allows you to save the generated report in a number of formats. new ui

  • Reports: The following screens/reports have been updated to match the new UI standards new ui

    • Day vs. Night

    • Trip Times

    • Repeat Patients

    • Cross-Tab

    • Time Frames

Fixed issues

We fixed the following issues with this release:

  • UI improvements. Various user interface improvements for the ZOLL.emscharts.com.

  • Hide Common addresses. If there are no common addresses configured in the company, a user will not be able to select common addresses in the UI.

  • Code Tables: The following code tables have been updated to function properly and match the new UI standards. new ui

    • Configuration > Service > Code Tables > Calendar - Locations and Calendars. 

    • Configuration > Service > Code Tables > Common Addresses

    • Configuration > Service > Code Tables > Common Addresses > EMSTARS Facility. *Please note that this feature is only available for services that export charts to Florida (EMSTARS).

    • Configuration > Service > Code Tables > Data Validation Actions

    • Configuration > Service > Code Tables > Emergency Reporting - Fixed a database query error that displayed when viewing this code table

  • Command Facility Code Tables: Users are no longer allowed to delete system-defined values in code tables used for custom assessments. legacy new ui

  • Drop-downs: A gray border was added around all drop-down menus throughout the application, in order to make the drop-downs more visible against both gray and white backgrounds. new ui

  • Copy to Clipboard: The Copy to clipboard button now functions consistently across the application, and table formatting is retained when the data is pasted into other applications, such as Excel and Word. new ui legacy

  • Blood Products configuration. Updated display for the 'Blood Products' configuration screen. new ui

  • User names with special characters: Users with special characters (such as apostrophes) in their first or last name were unable to create new charts. new ui legacy

  • emsCharts XML: The ProcedureCrew element was not included in the emsCharts XML (Chart Toolbox > Show Info / Advances > XML) for all procedures. new ui legacy

  • Sedation Scale editing: Users were unable to edit Sedation Scale values after they had been added to the Activity Log. new ui

  • Signature text displayed twice. Fixed an issue where the signature text was duplicated on standard signatures. new ui

  • Fluids on printed chart. Fixed an issue where custom fluid values did not appear on the printed chart if there were no values entered for the common fluids. new ui legacy

  • Patient records search. An error was thrown when users searched for a particular receiving facility with no date range. new ui legacy

  • QA Flag fixes: Updated the QA Flags with the following fixes. new ui

    • Users were able to delete QA Flags that had been added by other users. 

    • Fixed issue where QA flags were not able to be searched by crew member.

    • Corrected issue where a crew member could not be selected when adding a QA Flag.

    • When creating a QA Flag with an alert, clicking the alert again prevented the flag from sending.

    • The Type drop-down on the QA Flag Search now includes custom QA Flags, along with those from the standard list (for historical purposes).

  • Lab fixes: Corrected the following issues on page 6 - Labs.

    • Corrected inability to delete lab value.

    • Corrected duplicate values appearing in Labs section.

  • CPOT comments. Changes made in the Activity Log on Page 8 to CPOT (Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool) Pain Scale values were not reflected in the Comments text of the log entry. new ui legacy

  • Remote Downloader - Height field. The ‘Height’ and ‘Height Type’ fields will now be available when viewing charts that were transferred through Remote Downloader through the emsCharts Custom XML generator.

  • Removed non-printable characters from fields. Implemented logic to strip out any non-printable characters that get stored to the database to eliminate the errors that result from these characters.

  • Error on adding patient. Corrected an error that would happen when adding new patients to a chart. legacy

  • Body Survey - Child lumbar label. Corrected labeling for the child version of assessment section in the body survey. new ui

  • State Export. The Continue button on the Data Validation dialog box was not automatically redirecting to the State Export, when the State Export is required to lock charts for the service. new ui

  • Custom Assessments: A hotfix was applied to the system to address the following issues with custom assessments.  new ui legacy

    • Missing numeric field values in the activity log comments.

    • Duplicate entries in the activity log comments.

  • Can’t close Inventory modal. Fixed an issue where the Inventory modal’s close button was not displayed and could not be closed.

  • Error on HL7 patient search. Fixed an error that displayed on the Patient page when you click on the HL7 Search icon.

  • SecSysAdmin button on EKG import. Removed the ‘SecSysAdmin - Last 2 Years’ button on EKG import for non-SecSysAdmin roles.

  • Crew member immunizations. Corrected issue where certain users were not able to edit crew member immunizations.

  • Billing priority on imported PCRs. Corrected a defect where imported PCRs would not have the patient’s billing priority set correctly.

System Configuration Changes

The following system configuration changes were implemented.  All of these changes apply to the NEW UI, Legacy, and Gold platforms.

  • Medications: The following medications can be enabled for use by selecting the medication from Configuration > Command Fac > Code Tables > Medications in Use

    • Azithromycin

    • Dextrose 10%, 0.45% NaCl

    • Ondansetron (Zofran) ODT

    • ANAVIP

  • Procedures

    • OxyMask was added to the Oxygen delivery method for agencies that are using this device.

  • Past Medical History

    • Post Traumatic Seizures

  • Allergies 

    • Popcorn

    • Diaper

    • Fixed the SNOMED code associated with ‘Seasonal Allergies’ so that it will export correctly

    • Mushroom (Dietary)

Known Issues

We’re aware of the following issues and are working to resolve these in a coming release.

  • Custom composite reports crash. Some composite reports that contain a lot of data will cause the page to crash when they are run.

  • Add more than 4 crew members to a chart. Several customers have requested the ability to add up to 25 crew members to a single chart.

  • Data validation for multiple entries. Customers have requested the ability to use data validation for multiple medications, vitals, and procedures in the chart. Currently the system only evaluates the first item for data validation.

  • Configuration screens in new UI. We are working through all of the configuration screens to align them with the new user interface and still have some that are not displaying appropriately.