November 2017 - Mobile v3.7.14 Release Notes

Installation Path Change

Previously, the installation put the emsCharts Mobile software in a folder similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\emsCharts Mobile V3

It now installs to C:\Program Files (x86)\emsCharts\emsCharts Mobile V3 - Please note the "emsCharts" company name as the primary program files folder.

New User Interface

We refreshed the user interface and graphics to look more like our other products.  Below are images of the main page, the dispatch page, the patient records page, the patient records page in night mode, a patient record, and a patient record in night mode.

New Fields + NEMSIS v3 support

This update accounts for changes made since version,  which is the last publicly available release. Many of these changes are already seen in the website edition. However, this list expands on the similar list for NEMSIS v3.3.4 / NEMSIS v3.4.0 updates that we've done for the web. More information can be seen at Mobile v3.7.14 New Fields.

CAD Interface Update

We updated the mechanism by which CAD interfaces with our servers to retrieve the eligible CAD records. You no longer need to open up any special ports (such as 5051) as the communication is now over the same HTTPS-based web requests that the standard application uses for updates and uploads. Please ignore the CAD configuration options on the "Admin" tab of emsCharts Mobile, those will be removed or repurposed in an upcoming release.

Easier "Lock from the Field"

While the page 9 additional service configurable fields, state-export options, electronic signatures, audits, NEMSIS generation and other items are not replicated on the mobile device, we have made it easier to access those after completing your patient record. Click on the Upload button to the far right of the Patient Records window.  After uploading the chart, the system will automatically launch a browser and direct you to Page 9 of the patient record. Currently this will use our "legacy" site ( but we are working on options to direct to OneChart as well.

See the image below for the Upload Button:

Support Session Update

We switched our support systems from iLinc to GoToMeeting. As such, we updated the support window to allow you enter the code provided by our support staff and launch a FastSupport / GoToAssist session via the browser.

Hospital Dashboard Interface

The emsCharts Hospital Dashboard software can interface with mobile and display messages and a room assignment number from within emsCharts Mobile. This will allow the crew to partially upload a chart ahead of time that the hospital can access and provide this information back to the crew prior to or as they arrive at the destination.  Contact for more information about the availability of Hospital Dashboard.

Mobile Online Administration

We have created the ability to remotely administer your Mobile clients. Please see the Mobile v3.7.14+ Guide to Remote Administration and Diagnostics Tool document on utilizing this product, which is included with your emsCharts Mobile subscription.