Fire Reports 10.9


Fire Reports Version 10.9

September 2021


New in this Release

We’ve added the following new functionality in this release.

·       Supplemental narratives of up to 33,500 characters will be included on the Print report. The narrative does not stretch across the full width of the page but is presented in its entirety. A future update will ensure the narrative spans the page width

·       Software Administrators have a new option to automatically create incident reports when using a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Under Configuration, Fire - General Setup, select the new option ' Auto Create Incidents from CAD'. When this option is enabled, new dispatches from the CAD will automatically create and post updates to Incident reports. To ensure duplicate records are not created, the Import CAD Data button is not available when the auto-create option is enabled.

·       In our new invoicing module, which will allow users of the inspection module to generate invoices clients will be able to see a configured list of fees and can choose fees that are specific to inspections and permits.

·       All previously completed inspections for an Occupancy are now displayed on the History tab when a new inspection for that Occupancy is created. In previous versions of Fire Reports, the history tab would only show a previous inspection when the current inspection activity was created as a Re-inspection.


Fixed in this Release

We fixed the following issues with this release of Fire Reports.

·       A problem that prevented users from viewing Completed Inspections has been resolved.

·       The caret character (^) is used as the delimiter for the NFIRS Export file generated from incidents entered in the Fire Reports system. If a user enters that character in an incident narrative, it will be stripped from the data when the narrative is included in the NFIRS Export.

·       Users working on a Re-inspection may now optionally select the Violation Repaired or the Re-open violation buttons on the Violation form. This form was set to read only when working on in a Re-inspection in previous releases of Fire Reports.

·       Fire Reports will now validate Apparatus dates and times when apparatus records are imported from a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) center. Validation errors will be displayed when any of the following rules are violated:

# Apparatus Dispatch date/time may not be earlier than the Incident Alarm date/time.
# Apparatus Arrival date/time may not be earlier than the Incident First Arriving Unit arrival date/time
# Apparatus Cleared time may not be later than the Incident Last Unit Cleared time.

In previous releases of Fire Reports, these rules would only enforced if a user manually added or reviewed each apparatus record imported from the CAD system.