Fire Reports 10.10

Fire Reports Version 10.10

October 2021


New in this Release

  • Fire Home. When clicking on ‘Fire Reports’ from the application, users will be directed to the new Fire Reports home page.

  • Fire Reports times. Administrators can now configure the system to display or hide the following times fields on the Configuration > Fire, Filed Configuration code table under the Basic section:

·      All Clear

·      Fire Under Control

·      Loss Stopped

·      Primary Search Complete

·      Secondary Search Complete

·      Water on Fire

·      Working Fire Declared


  • *Fire Reports Inspection checklist. *  We added the ability to select multiple violations (Inspection Code Detail) items for each question on the inspection checklist configuration page and we also added the ability to copy violations details.

  • Custom events in Daybook. Administrators can now create custom events for the Daybook so that the service can track any event.

  • Configurable Invoice Number. The invoice number in Fire Reports is now configurable so uses can specify prefixes to use with their invoice numbers. To modify the invoice number, go to Configuration > Fire > and search for the ‘Invoice Number Configuration’ code table. Set the ‘Custom Invoice Number Prefix’ field to “Yes” and then enter the appropriate prefix. If you enter “YYYY” or “YY”, the system will automatically add the current calendar year as the prefix for the Invoice Number.

  • When CAD records are set to be automatically imported, the import routine will run every minute up until the report is locked.  Once the report has been locked, no additional updates from the CAD system are accepted. - Moved to November Release

  • CAD data posted through the Auto-import option is logged in table T_AutoCad_Import_Recs.    Logging is performed so that if any discrepancies arise the history of data posted from the CAD may be reviewed. Moved to November Release

  • When the Auto Create Incidents from CAD option is enabled, checks in the database ensure duplicate reports will not be created when a new Apparatus is dispatched for the same incident. Moved to November Release

  • When the option Auto Create Incidents from CAD is enabled, incidents posted from your Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) center will be automatically imported to the NFIRS Module in Fire Reports.

Note: When that option is disabled, users may select the Import from CAD button to update incidents with CAD data. Moved to November Release


  • Users may now send Invoices for Building Inspections via email. Complete the Invoice Template to add data about your department and reimbursement instructions that will be included with the Invoice.  In the Inspection Invoice module, Generate and View each invoice, then select the checkboxes next to one or more invoices to send them via email.    


Note: The Occupancy must have a Primary Contact with an email address defined before you can send invoices to that Occupancy via email.

  • A new search option in the Inspection Invoicing module allows you to search for invoices using the address of the Occupancy that was inspected.    In previous releases of Fire Reports, users could only search Invoices based on the Occupancy name.

  • Inspections may now be sorted by Scheduled or Last Inspected dates.    In previous releases of Fire Reports, the sort did not take the year into account.

  • Inspection Invoices are now displayed as PDF files. The files may be printed or downloaded. Invoices include information about the Inspection and the Occupancy and include all Violations and Fees assessed during the inspection.

Fixed in this Release

  • Fire: MD Inspection Type. We fixed an issue where an error was displayed when users clicked on the ‘MD Inspection Type’ code table under the Fire configuration tab.

  • Total Square Footage is now correctly calculated and displayed on the Building tab in the Occupancy module.