Mobile v3.7.14+ Guide to Remote Administration and Diagnostics Tool

Installation Steps (in order) and Usage

Note: v3.7.14 CAN be installed over top of the existing version. While you do not need to uninstall the prior version, doing so ensures a clean install and is recommended.

emsChartsMobile Application Software/Install

  1. You must first install the emsCharts Mobile v3 Client
    1. Please reference the /wiki/spaces/TKB/pages/3638387 for any questions.
  2. Room Number tie-in to Hospital Dashboard (details forthcoming)

Windows Service

  1. Install Notes

    1. Open the emsCharts Mobile Windows Service Installer folder
    2. Right-click on the emsCharts Mobile Windows Service Installer icon and select Run as Administrator. This is required in order for the service to install correctly

    3. Click Yes to confirm the installation process. If you did not right-click to run as an Administrator, click No.

    4. Click Next in the emsCharts Mobile Windows Service Setup Wizard. If you selected a different install directory for Mobile, you will have to point to that directory using the Browse buttons.

    5. Make sure you have values populated in each field, then click Install.

    6. Enter your WINDOWS login information in the Set Service Login window and click Okay. The username must be entered in the format domain name\username

    7. Click Finish once completed

  2. Layout and Usage -

    The Remote Admin module can be located in Home>Configuration>Remote Mobile Admin
    1. Mobile Admin Module Screen Layout

    2. Remote Action Panel - A list of actions that can be executed by the remote user. Check the box on the row of the device you want to control. A confirmation window will appear when the Execute button is clicked. If the device is offline when the request is sent, it will be done on the next login.

    3. Device Admin Panel - A list of all charts in the Mobile database. Check the boxes in each row to partially or fully upload the selected charts to the cloud.

      Diagnostic Tool

      1. Installation

        1. Open the emsCharts Mobile Diagnostic Tool folder
        2. Right Click, Run As Administrator the emsChartsDiagnosticToolSetUp icon
        3. Click Next in the Setup Wizard

        4. Click Next in the Select Installation Folder. For advanced users, the installation folder can be set manually here. You can also choose to install it for only yourself or all users from this window.

        5. Click Next in the Confirm Installation window

        6. Click Close in the Installation Complete window

      2. Usage

        1. Layout - Default

        2. Layout - Windows Service

        3. Layout - Hub SignalR

        4. Layout - Self-Hosted SignalR

      Admin Uninstaller