New Jersey NEMSIS Information

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Special Notes

New Jersey is currently v2 on automatic transfer (see table to the right)

Version 3 is coming soon. Information will follow. See below.


Configuration Requirements


Runs Excluded

See information listed at (V2)

NEMSIS v3 Plans/Notes

This page will contain content for the New Jersey NEMSIS v3 plans for emsCharts Customers.

In the meantime, simple steps are as follows.

  1. Review NEMSIS v3 Command Configuration Tool
  2. Review 2015.10.18 - NEMSIS v3 Post 3.3.4 Compliance Update
  3. Ensure to map any existing custom values to NEMSIS v3 values.

For more information see (V3)

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Version Date Comment
Current Version (v. 4) Feb 22, 2016 19:51 Mihlfried - emsCharts Account
v. 3 Feb 22, 2016 19:44 Mihlfried - emsCharts Account
v. 2 Feb 22, 2016 19:42 Mihlfried - emsCharts Account
v. 1 Feb 22, 2016 17:17 Mihlfried - emsCharts Account


Contact: Tim Seplaki
Upload Site:
More Information:

Frequency of Export: Every 20 mins (V2)

Manual/Automatic: Automatic (V2)
V3 Deadline (emsCharts)Sep 1 2016
V2 ShutdownDec 1st 2016
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