emsCharts Gold Release Notes - v5.1.7.12 - Feb 4 2018

emsCharts v5.1.7.12 (emsCharts Gold Sprint 20)  

Fixed in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

KeySummaryRelease NotesFix Version/S
EMC-3934P8 - Activity Log Displays APGAR Column on AdultFixed bug that showed APGAR score in the activity log for adults5.1.7.12
EMC-3829OneChart: Neonatal - Adjustable Code Tables missingCodetables for Enhanced Neonatal page have been added5.1.7.12
EMC-3419Data validation - P2 CC Required Not Triggering ValidationA bug was fixed so Chief Complaint now shows in data validation correctly5.1.7.12
EMC-3603iPad11132017 - Patient Page Meds, Allergies and PMHXSafari: Icons on patient page now function correctly with a mouse as well as touchscreen5.1.7.12

Known Issues