NEMSIS v3 Command Configuration Tool


For some updated code table values for NEMSIS v3, we are allowing Command Facilities and Services to import the new default NEMSIS v3 values. We are doing so because over time, Command Facilities may have defined their own custom patient categories, outcomes, protocols, etc and to import the new defaults automatically could create duplication with existing custom values.

Therefore, we recommend to modes of updating your code tables in preparation of NEMSIS v3 compliance (this article will soon be linked to each state's rollout plan0

  1. Go to each Code table(s) affected by NEMSIS v3 and make sure the appropriate NEMSIS v3 values are mapped.
  2. Then, go to the importer and import any new values.
  3. Then, run the Verify NEMSIS v2 Compliance Setup to ensure your agency is still in v2 compliance (if applicable)
  4. Lastly, run the Verify NEMSIS v3 Compliance Setup to verify new fields and code tables are in compliance.

Command Facility V3 Value Import

This utility will assist you in importing new values presented in NEMSIS v3 into your codetables. This will not map existing custom values to NEMSIS v3.

You are not required to import values, only the ones you feel you need, if not already utilized in your code tables. However, if you import, you must map to NEMSIS v2 if your state sends v2 data.

If you have an existing custom value that matches a NEMSIS v3 value or a custom value is already mapped to NEMSIS v3, there is no need to import that new value.

In summary, this utility will show what you already have mapped to v3 for certain tables and allow you to import the new values. However, you must ensure all existing values are mapped to V3 and possibly V2.

Tables AffectedPage
Patient Categories / Dispatched As1
Patient Outcomes / Dispositions1
Cardiac Rhythms2
MVI Risk Factors2
Injury Symptoms2

Configuration >> Command Facility

Verify NEMSIS v3 Compliance Setup

Similar to the existing NEMSIS v2 Compliance Setup, the v3 Compliance setup window will evaluate your current code tables to ensure they have appropriate v3 mappings.

This should be done at the Service level as well for each service.