emsCharts Ohio EMSIRS v3 / NEMSIS v3.4 Go Live

Non-Email Update!

Update 11/14/2016: This was not mentioned in the emails below, but it appears services should have "Final Acuity" configured via the Configuration >> Service >> Chart tab. This replaces the Patient Condition field in NEMSIS v3.4. Any validation rules for that old patient condition field should be eliminted and this field should be enabled.

Good afternoon Ohio Software Administrators:

In case you missed the announcement below from last week, please see below.

We have passed testing with Ohio and the NEMSIS v3.4 dataset and are moving forward with the rollout schedule of EMSIRS v3.

Starting the morning of  Friday, November 25th , all Ohio agencies will stop creating NEMSIS v2 records behind the scenes and MUST have configured their services to export NEMSIS v3 as seen below.  

You will then have from Saturday November 26th until Wednesday November 30th to log into emsCharts and export all outstanding EMSIRS v2 records to the state as their EMSIRS v2 system will be shut down on the 1st (as you already should be doing)

All charts from Nov 26th onward will be encoded in a NEMSIS v3.4 format for Ohio and will be automatically exported to the state on your behalf.

Thank you!

Adam C. Mihlfried / Director, Software Development / emsCharts, Inc

From: Adam C. Mihlfried
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 5:59 PM
To: exports <exports@emscharts.com>
Subject: Ohio EMSIRS v3 / NEMSIS v3.4 Go Live

Good afternoon Ohio Software Administrators:

Today I spoke with Natalie at the state to inform her I will be testing over the next couple of days a transfer of EMSIRS3 / NEMSIS v3.4 files for three select agencies in Ohio. We expect to automatically start transporting charts to the state starting next week. Their deadline is the end of this month, November 30th.

To help you get started configuring your service for NEMSIS v3, if you haven’t already, please go to https://emscharts.atlassian.net/wiki/x/coAtB

In addition, Ohio has 3 custom data points that are found on Page 9 of emsCharts under “State V3 Custom Elements

  •  Ohio Trauma Triage Criteria
  • Triage Exception
  • Mutual Aid Qualifier

Also, it is important to verify your Agency Number (State ID) by logging into your agency, clicking Configuration à Service à Export tab and checking the General, Base, Unit configurations for your agency number.

If you have any questions concerning emsCharts NEMSIS v3, please post a question in our new NEMSIS v3 Forum at: https://www.emscharts.com/fusetalk/categories.cfm?catid=877

Thank you!

Adam C. Mihlfried / Director, Software Development / emsCharts, Inc.