Navigate 2019 - Performance Improvement, A Workshop for Data Validation

May 15, 2019 - 2:00 - 2:45pm

Topics of Discussion

First, there is an enhancement request to be able to put in conditional actions - so require X or Y.  There is a current simplistic workaround in where you write 2 rules actions. Additionally Vitals/procedures adds an additional complication. Both are outlined here:  EMC-7465 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (INTERNAL reference only)

Both workarounds result in the error message being displayed twice because BOTH conditions fail.  Likewise if you want to write a rule where it can ONLY be one or the other you'd write a third RULE/ACTION combination where:

  1. RULE: Condition A is not blank (and) Condition B is not blank
  2. ACTION: PRID is blank (which will fail every time therefore enforcing that Condition A not blank and Condition B not blank cannot occur.

There's a simplistic use case where you'd want to make sure for transports that either the patient's address line 1 is listed or the patient address unknown is checked. I'll add the screenshots in here later, but the logic of the more complex example below is about the same: 2 rules, 2 opposite actions.

COMPLEX CASE : Vitals Pain Numeric Score (1-10) or Pass Scale Score

This is a complex case because of Vitals and Procedures which repeat. By default we usually DO NOT want to require something on EVERY vital row. So, doing so below only tests for the existence of at least one of the conditions.


  1. RULE: Other Pain Scales is blank
  2. ACTION: Using Rule of "Other Pain Scales" is blank, then Pain Response Not Blank