emsCharts Gold Release Notes - v5.1.62 - November 21, 2019

emsCharts v5.1.62

November 21, 2019

Table of Contents

New in This Release

New Features

The following features have been added in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8109Gold - P8 - Vitals "Copy Down" Added "Copy Down" option for rows in the Page 8 Activity Log.
EMC-7990Gold- Neonatal- Multipick Needs To Be Updated with Goldstyle Updated the user interface on some Neonatal Multiselect Fields
EMC-8119Gold - P3/P8 GCS NT Printing Changed the way GCS displays for NT selections values on the chart summary page.
EMC-7669Gold - BILL vs. State Transport Outcome Configuration Added a feature to allow excluding certain records from getting exported to NEMSIS. This is most commonly used in situations where there is a team transport and a state NEMSIS export is not needed. However, there is still a need to bill for these records, so this feature will still allow for the billing export to continue.
EMC-5238Gold - CAD Configuration Swap Dispatch/Local ID Added a checkbox labeled as "Swap Dispatch and Local ID" to the cad import options.
EMC-8059Gold - Chart Toolbox Fax Log A "Fax Audit Log" button has been added to the Chart Toolbox underneath the Fax Chart button. Clicking the new button will show any faxes related the to chart.
EMC-7732Gold - QA Auto Advance After Time Period The QA Levels Code Table now has new feature named "Auto Advance After Set Number Of Days". This will auto advance any chart at this QA level after it has been in the QA level for X number of days. This will also occur retroactively when set.

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

Page 1

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7733Gold - Can't unselect a default referring Fixed an issue that prevented clearing out or un-selecting the entries made in the "Other Type" dropdown menu in the referring and receiving sections.
EMC-7712Gold - Allow Dispatch ID to be 50 characters We increased the size of the Dispatch ID field on page 1. It now accepts up to 50 characters.

Patient Page

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8084Gold - 'Emergency Information Form:' not saving causing Data Validation to not function Fixed bug on the patient page where values would not save on the "Emergency Information Form" dropdown.

Page 2

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8239Gold - P2 patient movement - Cannot lock chart Added in backwards compatibility, for data validation purposes, for the following Page 2 fields: "Moved to Vehicle Via" and "Position in Vehicle".

Page 3

No changes.

Page 4

No changes.

Page 5

No changes.

Page 6

No changes.

Page 7

No changes.

Page 8

No Changes

Page 9

No Changes


KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-7857PDF Signature Form does not fill page when printed Fixed an issue with the Standard Signature form that resulted in the form not consuming the entirety of a printed page.
EMC-8273Gold - Yes/No toggles not highlighting Fixed UI a issue on the NEMSIS export tab where toggle buttons would not display the selection saved.
EMC-8152Gold - ReportingFixed an issue on the Criteria Tab of the Reports module. Previously, clicking the magnifying glass to lookup a criteria value would not do anything.
EMC-8153Gold - Hire Dates not displaying Fixed an issue where the Hire Date on the User Roster would not save properly.
EMC-7477Gold - Repeat Patients Report Not working Fixed an issue with the load time of the Repeat Patient Report.
EMC-6222Gold - Human Resources - My Certifications - Edit Hyperlink Not Functioning Fixed an issue with the My Certifications screen that prevented editing of existing certifications.
EMC-8265Gold - Queuing RD from menu causes error Fixed error when searching for a PRID in the remote downloader log.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

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