emsCharts v4 Release Notes - v4.64 - December 19, 2019

emsCharts v4.64 (Sprints #63, 64)

December 19, 2019

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New in This Release

New Feature Highlight: 

The following new features are the most impactful for users, so we describe them here in greater detail:

New Features

The following features have been added in this release:

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8110Legacy: P8 - Vitals "Copy Down"Added "Copy Down" option for rows in the Page 8 Activity Log.  That is a configuration option via Configuration → Service → Chart tab in the Page 8 section to enable this option. It is off by default.
EMC-7931Legacy: Create Command Facility Configuration for Sepsis And NeuroCreated Sepsis, Neuro and dynamic configuration for assessment procedures on page 8. 

Improved in This Release

The following issues have been addressed and resolved in this release:

Page 1

No changes.

Patient Page

No changes.

Page 2

No changes.

Page 3

No changes.

Page 4

No changes.

Page 5

No changes.

Page 6

No changes.

Page 7

No changes.

Page 8

KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8634Drug administration route question - Not Administered/Left BehindAdded "Left Behind - Not Administered" to the medication routes table for any "Leave Behind" naloxone programs.

Page 9

No changes.


KeySummaryRelease Notes
EMC-8231Legacy: CAD Import Should Respect User RosterUsers deleted from service will no longer be imported from CAD.
EMC-8337Legacy: Page 9 Attachments show Chart PDF optionFor imports of 3rd party vendor PDF or agencies exporting the emsCharts PDF in their NEMSIS export, that PDF is now viewable online via the Chart Toolbox and/or Page 9 Attached Files
EMC-8264Legacy: Patient Page Billing, unable to edit with bad dataFixed bug caused when saving special characters on the patient page on the group number field.
EMC-7874Legacy: Cannot select 'County' when creating an EMS AgencyFixed an issues where the County would not save when adding a new EMS/Public Safety Agency.

Known Issues

The following issues have already been identified and will be addressed in a future release:

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