emsCharts Narrative Feature Highlight - February 20th, 2020


February 20, 2020

How Does It Work Today?

Today, your NEMSIS narrative from emsCharts results from the combination of the History of Present Illness field and all of the comments on the Page 8 procedure log. This allows for a natural narrative where you can describe what occurred from start to finish with timestamps. Each comment, when viewing the chart in emsCharts is paired with the action or procedure and/or vital sign information allowing for a clean look when viewing the PDF of the chart. This also provides an easy way to see interventions for billing purposes without the need to visually search through a large section of text. If you change your action or procedure, the comment automatically updates with the new information, resulting in an accurate depiction of the action or procedure without the need to update a second location.

Dedicated Narrative Field

Many of our customers have requested the ability to document the narrative in a dedicated field, which allows them and the people they share information with (hospitals, billing teams, etc.) one place to easily reference the documenter’s view of the trip in their own words. We have added a new feature that optionally allows for a dedicated narrative field that replaces the exported NEMSIS narrative. This new narrative field is available in Gold, Mobile and Tablet. The text will be printed at the beginning of the report, just under the patient demographics and times making it easy to find and reference.

How to turn it on:

  1. In Gold only
  2. Configuration
  3. Chart
  4. Other Pages
  5. Narrative Page (Yes / No)

Fig. 1 - Where to turn on the Narrative Field

Fig. 2 - Location in Gold

Fig. 3 - Location in Tablet

Fig. 4 - Location in Mobile

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